ABOUT ME – Olive Dodd

About Me

My name is Olive Dodd and I help entrepreneurs like you who wish to build a successful network marketing business and live a dream life of abundance. 

I am an online business coach, health fanatic, yoga and meditation teacher, and an avid outdoors person.

I offer inspiration, education, and motivation to take your business online using modern powerful social media strategies. 

I am passionate in helping you showcase your unique talents to create rapid success in branding, attraction marketing, personal growth, and business growth.  Your success story is ready to blossom. 

Olive's Business Story

I spent many years sitting at a computer hating my boss and the toxic office environment.  I wanted a way out, but I still needed an income.  I had dabbled into some different network marketing companies in past years, but I was not engaged.

I cringed at the traditional method of hunting for prospects in my friends, family, and anybody that breathed.  My friends began to avoid me; and stopped responding to my emails.  I could feel the repulsion and anxiousness when I did talk to them. 

I dreaded bringing up the topic of my company to anybody.  I felt that I was harassing people.  I was frustrated with finding prospects and devastated when no one showed up to any of my home meetings.

Seeking More

The whole process rubbed me the wrong way – it just did not feel right – it was awkward and strained my relationships.  

I was spending more money than I was making.  No money.  No prospects.  No recruits. I was ready to give it all up.

Finding the Rainbow

There’s a saying that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. And the opportunity did appear.

I have discovered the online world of Attraction Marketing and Social Media Strategies.  And I have found a network marketing company that resonated with my passions and values.

The new concepts, new methods, and new technology make sense to me. Marketing online and attracting people to us, that want to be there, is fresh, rewarding, and empowering.

Beginners, with no influence, were seeing results. 

No more harassing anyone, having home parties, driving to meetings, or spamming my products.  Now, I stay at home with my family and attract leaders to me.

I have more time freedom, positive experiences, and a system that is easy to duplicate.  I no longer fear the judgement of others.  I am now proud to tell people I work in network marketing.

I also have time for my other passions in yoga, outdoor activities, and nature.  Leaving my 8-4 job for a Home-Based Business was the best thing I have ever done – because I found all this.

The Journey

Life is a continual journey of learning and I absolutely love the growth in my knowledge, business skills, and personal development.  I am surrounded by a community of mentors and like-minded people who educate and motivate me. 

Home-based businesses are still work, but now, it is under my terms and conditions.  I am in control of my destiny.  I feel exited and empowered. 

Inspiration Team


I believe your success story is ready to blossom.  I believe:

  • you are never too old to start something new; you can look beyond the image of getting old;
  • you only change if you push past your comfort zone and start something new;
  • you are empowered with the ability to achieve whatever you set your mind to;
  • you can fulfill your wildest dreams.  I believe in you, I believe you can do it.

My mission is to inspire and teach home business owners the skills to leverage social media strategies to build their business online and attract people to you.

My goal is to raise the professionalism of this trade; to be surrounded with like-minded, motivated, and successful entrepreneurs.

My mission is to invest my lifelong learning; and in you, by wholeheartedly sharing my knowledge of online business, branding, attraction marketing, and positive mindset.

My passion is to help launch women into success - to help them realize their full worth and capabilities; and to mentor them to become a more vibrant, empowered, confident version of themselves.

- Olive Dodd

Your Opportunity

The key to success is to have a mentor and step-by-step training, and learn how to bring your unique qualities out so that your vibe will attract your tribe.

If you would like more information about the same techniques and opportunity that has empowered my life, click the button below.

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