Discover How to Use the Full Potential of your Facebook Profile to Benefit Your Business!

You started with a Facebook profile long ago,
not knowing that it is crucial to your business too. Now, it's time to optimize it for maximum exposure, the right way.

I'm just starting with Facebook
I'm a seasoned Facebook user


What They Say about the eBook

“I love Olives style of writing, she makes something that for me seemed difficult sound straightforward.  And it was easy with her descriptions and writing.  

It has helped me so much with what to post on my newsfeed, how to have the best banner for my business page and so much more.

Thank you so much Olive.  You shone a light in a dark corner for me.”

Dianne Parnell

"Who would have thought that there were so many ways to use your personal profile to benefit your business?  

So glad I grabbed a copy!"

Shirley Quevedo


What’s Inside the eBook?

Checklist of Essential Elements

Your profile is the critical beginning of your social media presence. 
Do you have ALL the bits & pieces - especially the ones that will make a difference for your business?

Your Newsfeed Matters

What can & should be posted to blend your personal life and business without getting into trouble with Facebook.

What about a Business Page?

Ready to discover how to move your business to the next level?   What’s the difference between a Profile and a Page.  
Do you need it? 

About the Author

Olive Dodd

Olive Dodd coaches solopreneurs transitioning to the online world who are feeling overwhelmed with both the vastness of possibilities and the related technology.  She started as a novice with a “Dummies” book on Facebook and dedicated herself to learning and mastering Facebook and social media marketing.  Her background and passion in techy stuff makes her a natural to guide women to fulfill their dream business in a new way.

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I'm just starting with Facebook
I'm a seasoned Facebook user