Graduate Your Health
to the Next Level

Have the health that time forgot.

Let's discover the root cause of your symptoms, 
to bring back your vitality
so you can be a Dancing Queen once again.

Integrative Health Practitioner

for baby boomer women
with a heart-centered friend as your guide to wellness.

Live Healthy, Happy, Longer

Women 50+ have the ability to live with energy & confidence.

To Jump with Joy everyday & love life again.

Enjoy ease in body and mind. 

Have the time of your life.

Increase longevity.

Tired of feeling tired....

Your Symptoms are Real

If you're not at your best, you shouldn't settle for having a poor quality of life, at any age.

Symptoms of burn out, low mood, exhausted, and weight gain are not normal.

Frustrated by Health Care System

You feel something is wrong, but conventional medicine says it's "all in your head", nothing is wrong - leaving you frustrated & defeated.

Health is Your Wealth

Without our health, we cannot fully enjoy life.  When our health fails, we want answers that address the root cause.


Up Your Health Game
& Feel Balanced.

With my proven integrative functional medicine system,
we take a holistic approach to your health, lifestyle, & body systems.

We discover what's going on inside and what is the root cause of your issues.

Then, we can fix the root problem and much more than just the symptoms. 


I love being a Dancing Queen

Many people don't know how good they can feel, how much energy they can have. It is possible to have the time of your life at any age - to feel like a Dancing Queen.

Olive has been there... embarrassing gut issues, skin rashes, no energy, depression, leaky gut syndrome, unable to keep up with her activities.... to name just a few.  She found amazing results with this proven system.   

Recently, Olive was told by her medical doctor just before her hip surgery that she was "ridiculously healthy" and to keep doing what she's doing.  Other people guess Olive to be 10-20 years younger than her actual age.

That's what we want for you !

We are here to guide you on how to get to the root cause of your health issues & rebalance your body.

Together we can make a plan to achieve your ideal body weight, balance your digestive dysfunction, identify food sensitivities, improve your sleep, or just your overall well being.


The Steps to Balance

Vitality to Love Life. 
A long full-filled active life.

Complete Intake Story

With a complete health history, we can assess all the factors to best understand your health challenges.

Remove Toxins

One of the most important steps is to remove the accumulated waste that is blocking your systems from functioning properly.

Functional Medicine Lab Testing

We run functional medicine lab test to help identify the underlying imbalances & deficiencies.  These are the root causes of your symptoms.

Fill the Deficiencies & Re-Balance

We create a plan for holistic bio-individual nutrition & supplementation to help the body achieve balance. Typically these run for 8-12 weeks, then we start to taper off.


Integrative Health Practitioner

Using the best of the best worlds. 

We integrate from these
7 disciplines into one
individualized plan.

Inside Out

A healthy outside starts from the inside.

Look & feel younger.

Stay Healthy & Happy

Eat well, laugh loudly to remain healthy.

Healthy is the new Happy.

Alive & Well

Life is not merely being alive, but being well.

Ditch the "I am too old" belief

My mission is to empower women to live a full fun healthy life.

Women 50+ have the ability to live with energy & confidence      

To Jump With Joy & do all the things they want to do 

To increase longevity & age gracefully

Let's discover your path to better health...

With a FREE 30 minute discovery call

A Wholistic Approach to Your Transformation

To transform your health, we use a wholistic approach

  • such as: diet, exercise, stress reduction, toxin removal, rest, emotional balance, supplementation and success mindset
  • to rebalance the body and achieve equilibrium.

Jump with Joy Wellness

Most baby boomer women don't realize that they can still be youthful in their golden years - that their symptoms mean something
and are not a 'given' as we age. 

But after working with us, they find the root cause to their imbalances
through simple at-home lab tests.

And with an individualized wellness plan, we guide their transformation
to live their longest healthiest life possible.  

We empower their health journey to achieve the energy &
vitality to be a Dancing Queen once again.

Your Greatest Wealth

is Your Health

You are worth it.  Live your best life possible.

Connect with a FREE discovery chat to discover how you can enhance your wellness.

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About Olive Dodd

Even with a full life of being "health conscious", I too developed some annoying symptoms.  Refusing to accept that this just came with age, I found the root causes, addressed them, and healed my health issues - thanks to an integrative approach & function medicine lab testing.

I don’t heed to the excuse of being “too old”. I believe you can do anything you set your mind to, be healthy at any age, and live your life fully.  

I am so pleased and grateful to be ‘ridiculously healthy’ at my age.   Folks have always guessed my age to be 10-20 years younger than reality too – which I love & thrive on.  

Now I want to help other women 50+ to find the root causes of symptoms, balance their bodies, to be healthy, & have the vitality to enjoy life.  

To Jump With Joy everyday.   To dance like no one is watching.



Check out what they say ....

Dianne Parnell

Life Coach

Awesome to Work With - Double
Thumbs Up

I reached out to Olive to help me. And the thing is, is that when I did reach out to her for help, she was so kind and so caring that she didn't make me feel like reaching out to her was an imposition.

She was more than happy to help me. And when I went to Olive's house to work, she had notes ready for me that she had photocopied. And the questions I asked, I never felt like they were stupid questions.

She just made me feel super, super comfortable and there was no judgment in her at all, she was just awesome to work with. So if you need some help with anything, just reach out and ask for it. That's one of the lessons I learned from working with Olive is to now, I don't have a problem reaching out to people and asking because she just made it so comfortable that it was easy to talk to her and to reach out.

So that's what I have to say. I give her a double thumbs up if you're looking for someone to work with, she's your gal.


I just wanted to let everyone know that if you are looking for someone that is patient, kind, and willing to change up her day to accommodate you...this is your gal!

I've know Olive for about 6 months now and she is always SO pleasant and eager to help! We are in the same line of work but with different companies and yet she is still so willing to help out! 

She is very knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge. I can't think of a better person to work with!

Thank you Olive for your kindness and willingness to help a fellow Entrepreneur!

Lori Endress


Darlene Bennett-Hass

Wellness Advocate


I first met Olive Dodd at a function we both attended. She shared a little about her passion for helping and encouraging people through social media strategies, attraction marketing, and particularly inspiring people, as she stretched and grew herself, through her "live presentations".

I was intrigued and began watching Olive as she pursued her dream online. She has been an inspiration to me and has taught me to keep going and grow myself into all that I want to become.

Olive lives out what she is teaching and has complete dedication to help those around her. Her consistency with her lives is commendable. In the 6 months that I have been watching and learning from Olive, I have noticed that her own personal growth has been huge.

She is authentic and honest and extremely approachable. Her kind, caring heart makes it easy to want to follow her.


I met Olive awhile ago through a mutual group we joined.

I am so impressed with Olive's love for people and her genuine desire to help others. 

She is thorough in her learning about a subject and picks up on people's needs quickly.

I would highly recommend working with her.

Tyra Miebergallv


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