Olive Dodd – Online Business Coach

Hi, I'm Olive Dodd.

I empower ambitious & curious entrepreneurs to confidently & abundantly attract their ideal leaders & thrive in their dreams.

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Welcome & Hello !

Hi  !   

My name is Olive Dodd ...  ​

As an Online Business Coach,  I am passionate about empowering ambitious & curious entrepreneurial women

to go from defeatedly chasing prospects

To confidently & abundantly attracting their ideal leaders and thriving in their goals.

I am a  health fanatic, yoga and meditation teacher, and an avid outdoors person.

I offer inspiration, education, and motivation to take your business online using powerful modern social media strategies

I am passionate in helping you showcase your unique talents to create rapid success in 

  • personal branding,
  • attraction marketing - attract prospect to You,
  • business growth, and
  • personal growth. 

- Olive Dodd

What I am all about... Watch the video.  

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Kind Words from Others

 Dianne Parnell

Darlene Bennett-Hass

"I first met Olive Dodd about 6 months ago at a function we both attended.   She shared a little about her passion for helping and encouraging people through social media strategies, attraction marketing and particularly inspiring people, as she stretched and grew herself, through her "live presentations". 

I was intrigued and began watching Olive as she pursued her dream online.      She has been an inspiration to me and has taught me to keep going and grow myself into all that I want to become.   Olive lives out what she is teaching and has complete dedication to help those around her.     Her consistency with her lives is commendable.

In the 6 months that I have been watching and learning from Olive, I have noticed that her own personal growth has been huge.   She is authentic and honest and extremely approachable.  
Her kind, caring heart makes it easy to want to follow her."

 Tyra Miebergall

"I met Olive awhile ago through a mutual group we joined.

I am so impressed with Olive's love for people and her genuine desire to help others. 

She is though in her learning about a subject and picks up on peoples needs quickly. 😀

I would highly recommend working with her."