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Welcome to a deep dive into the beneficial world of omega fatty acids.

The spotlight often shines on Omega-3s due to their well-known health benefits, but let's broaden our horizons and explore the equally vital Omega-9s and the goodness of olive oil.

Omega-9 fatty acids are our allies in the fight against inflammation.

They are champions for your heart and brain health and may even play a role in cancer prevention.

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In contrast to Omega-6s, which can contribute to inflammation in large amounts, Omega-9s are a friendly presence in our diets and don't require supplementation.

Why do we need these fatty acids? It's all about balance. An excess of Omega-6s, often found in processed foods, can lead to inflammation, resulting in joint pain and fatigue.

But Omega-3s and Omega-9s are like your heart's best friends, supporting its function and thereby promoting longevity.

More Benefits

Let's talk about olive oil, a stellar source of Omega-9. It's packed with oleic acid, an antioxidant that has shown promise in fighting cancer cells in laboratory settings and supporting overall health.

This includes aiding in weight management and diabetes prevention. A balanced diet that includes olive oil can help maintain a healthy metabolism and proper appetite.

What to look for when shopping for Olive Oil

When selecting olive oil, opt for varieties that are cold-pressed and first-pressed, and organic if you can. You don't need a large quantity; a small, dark bottle is best to protect the oil from oxidation. 

Incorporating two to three tablespoons into your daily diet can provide significant health benefits.

And remember, olive oil isn't just for cooking—it's a high-quality health supplement.

Other Sources of Omega 9

Olive oil isn't the only source of Omega-9s. If you're not a fan, no worries.

Avocados, almonds, cashews, and macadamia nuts are excellent alternatives.

Macadamia nuts, in particular, are a super choice for those with sensitivities to histamine or lectins and are packed with monounsaturated fats.

Olive Oil Ideas

Adding these foods to your diet is a breeze. You can drizzle olive oil over your salads instead of cooking with it, or add a creamy half an avocado to your lunch.

Small tweaks like these can have a big impact on your health, benefiting not just your body and brain, but also your skin and hair.

After all, a happy heart leads to a happy life.

It's all in the Name

And in a delightful twist of fate, Olive Oil isn't just a cornerstone of health in my kitchen—it's a nod to my own name, Olive.

It seems I was destined to be an advocate for this liquid gold that enriches our meals and our wellbeing.

Here's to embracing the richness of Olive Oil, in name and in nourishment!

I hope this information has been helpful and encourages you to consider the role of omega fatty acids in your diet.

For more wellness insights and tips, feel free to explore further on my website.

Here's to your health and happiness !  Your health is your wealth !

Reference from Dr. Stephen Cabral  https://stephencabral.com/podcast/2952/

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